School Cleaning - ASL Commercial Cleaning Contractors
School Cleaning - ASL Commercial Cleaning Contractors
School Cleaning - ASL Commercial Cleaning Contractors

ASL offers a complete cleaning service for schools. 


Our team of trained staff clean classrooms, sports halls, art studios in fact all parts of your school/college internal and external areas at the highest possible level, We work constantly in keeping your school clean and presentable at all times. 


Selecting ASL for your school cleaning means choosing a service you can count on whilst you can focus on the smooth running of your school.


  • High level of cleaning each and every day 

  • With on-site supervisors who will make sure all tasks are completed to the standard you require 

  • Our managers are ready to deal with any unforeseen issues. 

  • The quality control team will carry out regular checks/ reviews of our service. 

  • A cost-effective cleaning solution providing you with a clean, comfortable, and presentable school at all times. 

  • We ensure only the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness providing a safe and clean environment for pupils, staff and visitors. 

  • Our cleaning methods and work schedules are tailored to meet the needs of every school 

  • Deep cleaning programme undertaken from the start of the contract to ensure standards are met 

  • With over thirty years cleaning experience we can offer a full technical advice on the best cleaning methods and floor treatments for your school. 


If you need an experienced and professional company to handle the cleaning of your school, college or university contact us to discuss your requirements today. 

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